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Our terms

Terms of service
1.1 We are allowed to change anything and any feature of the website without notice, this includes the prices, premium options and all the other parts of the site.
1.2 We may terminate your account for any reason or no reason. This only happens in extreme situations.
1.3 We are not responsible for any loss of revenue and we can not be hold responsible for anything.
1.4 Our API ( may not be misused, you are allowed to use it for your store, but you may not do things that can damage anything.
1.5 You are not allowed to cause a DDoS attack to our network.
1.6 We use the pay-as-you-go principle, if you upgrade your account, it will be upgraded automatic, and if you stop paying, it will go back to bronze.
1.7 We may stop our service at any point in time, without disclosing an public reason behind this.

Privacy policy
We collect anonymous information using google Analytics.

We save only the needed information (Email, password, IP, register date, etc.)
When you pay with "paymentwall" at our platform, we will send your e-mail and register date to them, so they can check for fraud payments.

The way we use your data
We use your data only to log you in to our service, and to make sure that nobody is using a "fake" account, we won't sell this information to anyone. We encrypt your password, and we use secured databases, that only allow access from the server itself)

Who can see my data?
Only the owner of CraftingStore can see your information, but we won't do this without reason. Most of the information is hashed in a very strong way, so even if we want; We can't get everything like your password.

Refund policy
We don't offer refunds, every purchage is final, and we follow a strict no refund policy. We do this, because our service is mainly free, so our service isn't making profit. We can't allow "fake" payments, and chargebacks for this reason.

File storage
We allow you to upload images to our CDN partner ( for storing the package icons, background and the store logo. But we are allowed to remove your images for any reason. This may happen when we notice that you're using a very big chunk of our data. This will only happen in extreme conditions. You should have an backup of those images.