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Fully automatic Minecraft webshop system for Spigot & Bukkit!

Current stores

Hosting 2158+ webstores!

Packages created

Over 3700+ packages created!

Processed payments

Processed 5884+ payments!

Ready in minutes

We have a set-up tool to get you up and running as fast as possible! Your store will be open within minutes!

Free to use

We offer almost any feature on our free plan, you can create an account and start setting everything up!

Automatic payment processing

All payments will process automatic after receiving the payment confirm from the provider.

Use own domain

You can link your store with your own domain in any plan, you just need to set a DNS record!

Json API

Json API to integrate with your own website, you can find the API docs within the dashboard.

Multiple gateways

We try to offer as many payment gateways as possible, you can currenly use Paymentwall, paypal and paygol