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Our main service features

The current features

Spigot & BungeeCord

Our plugin supports Spigot, Bukkit and BungeeCord for receiving the commands.

Use your own domain!

You can use your own domain, by simply pointing it to our server using a cname.

Feature rich, on the free plan

About 95% of the features are free to use, you may use our system totally free of charge!

No max payments/month

We don't limit you to an x amount of max money per month and we don't take anything from the payments

Custom CSS & templates

Premium: Custom themes & css for your store, you will be able to change every aspect of the store!

Automatic payment processing

We process the payments automatically, the player will receive their items within minutes.

No advertisements

No google like adds on your webstore, not even on the bronze (free) plan!

Import your data

Import the packages, categories, payments, etc. from your current store.

Coupons & giftcards

You have the ability to create coupons, or giftcards for you players!

Global commands

You can create commands that will run for every payment, like a broadcast.

Co owners

Extra accounts that can access your webstore, great if you want your staff team to have access.

More features

And a lot more smaller features are put in place, and we add new ones as time goes.