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Easy & simple pricing for your server!

Spigot & BungeeCord

Our plugin can run on Spigot, Bukkit and Bungeecord! You can choose exactly on what server we would run each command.

Custom domain

We support using your own domain at our service, you can simply create a cname to our servers, and everything is ready.

No payment limits

We do not set any limits on the maximum amount of payments your receive. You can receive as many payments & profit as you like.

Fully automatic

Everything is automated, when a player buys something from your store, we will handle the rest. Everything will be done in minutes!

No advertisements

You wont see any adverts on your store, except a small footer link to CraftingStore on the free plan, no annoying advertisement blocks.

Coupons and giftcards

You can create coupon codes, for your players to use. You can define the packages, and gateways the coupon may be applied on.

Global commands

You can define default (global) commands, that will run on every one of your servers. This feature is useful for broadcast messages.

Team Accounts

Do you run a server with another owner? Then this feature is very handy, if he also needs access to the store, without knowing your password.

SSL certificate

Premium webstores can request a SSL gateway on our dashboard, after you set this up, we will create a SSL certificate for your webstore!

DDoS protection

Your store is hosted on DDoS protected servers, to maximise the up-time. And eliminate any downtime. Learn more.